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Cookies Policy

The way uses cookies is simple: to analyze web traffic. You may have noticed that does not serve ads; it is because does not make money, and does not want to any time soon.

If you are skeptical in any way, please do not hesitate to write an issue on the GitHub repository that hosts here.
Also, this website is completely FOSS (free and open source). The GitHub repository contains every line of code this website uses, and please visit the GitHub repository if you would like to contribute a line(s) of code or reference it for your own website. Click here to visit the GitHub repository.

DISCLAIMER: does not share any of the data publicly nor does sell any data. The data is ONLY used internally and for improvement purposes.

Type of Cookie: Google Analytics

What data is tracked: Web Traffic

Time that cookies stay on the user's browser: Always (unless deleted)

Why uses cookies: to see who (vaguely), what, where, when and how someone is visiting

How to reject cookies: So far, you cannot reject cookies. The best way is to delete the cookie off of the browser.