Hi! Do you allow analytical cookies? Ad cookies are ALWAYS off, as I serve no ads and respect your privacy. I use Google Analytics with minimal analytical cookies to learn more about the website so I can refine byran.tech! You can also read the cookie policy. >β€”β€”β€”β€”πŸͺβ€”β€”β€”β€”<
Cookie and Privacy Policy of www.byran.tech


www.byran.tech is a small, open source project dedicated to bringing technical information about technology to more people. It also showcases creations by me, usually either 3D art or open source programs.


I will attempt to keep this succinct and decipherable: I respect your privacy, which is why I try my best to take as little data as I can. For more details, see my source code. When you go to www.byran.tech, there are no cookies stored. When you press |YES|, Google Analytics is enabled and cookieStatus is set to "accepted". When you press |NO|, cookieStatus is set to "denied". The cookieStatus variable is used to store your preference.

Why I use cookies:

I use cookies to learn more about my audience and how to refine my website upon that data.

Type of cookies:

There are only 2 types of cookies used in www.byran.tech. One is Google Analytics, while the other one is a simple piece of data that stores whether you agreed to cookies and whether you did not agree to cookies. It is implied that by clicking the cookie banner, you would like your preference stored. (Please note that the latter cookie does not personally identify you, and the former cookie attempts to take as little info as needed.)

NOTE: ad tracking is totally disabled, while analytical tracking is enabled to a certain degree, but with redacting enabled to further protect your privacy and data. Furthermore, you are not assigned to a Google Analytics User-ID (i have disabled that).

Data which is tracked:

I measure: Page views Scrolls Outbound Clicks Site Searches Video Engagement File Downloads Rough Location (Please note that the location is inaccurate)

Time that cookies stay on a user’s browser:

From testing, I have seen Google Analytics stay in the browser for 2 weeks. However, please note that that time may be incorrect. However, I am confident that the simple cookie (the one that stores whether you accepted or denied cookies) stays in the browser for approximately 604,800 seconds, or a week (7 days).

Why the cookies are being used:

I want to learn more about my audience, what pages are getting the most views, and what I can improve.

Where and with whom the data is being shared:

This data is only used internally. As far as I am aware, it is shared with no external entities.

How to reject cookies and change settings:

You can go into "Inspect Element" or "Inspect", and go into the storage tab to delete the cookies. Upon refreshing, simply ignore the banner, and no cookies will be stored.