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py2app Fixes
October 25, 2020

py2app is a Terminal based application that turns python code into macOS applications.

It is a little bit confusing and the instructions are not for python3 code.

Here is the official readthedocs: https://py2app.readthedocs.io/en/latest

The biggest problem that I ran into was build errors.

$ python setup.py py2app

That is what official py2app says. That is only for python2 code. Python3 code needs this:

$ python3 setup.py py2app

The second error I ran into was β€œfile not found”. This can be fixed by using cd to find the folder. Say my python file was in my documents folder. This is how:

$ cd Documents

The reason behind this error is due to incorrect file paths. Terminal goes into the root directory, so you can either move the file into the root directory or cd into the folder that contains your files. Then run it.

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