How to Install arm-eabi-none-gdb on Ubuntu
Concise and simple troubleshooting guide on installing this very vital program.
Flash nRF52 SoCs with a ST-Link V2
In flashing a bootloader to a factory unlocked nRF52840, I ran into a variety of issues, which I am documenting in hopes of saving someone else a couple of minutes, hours, or (in my case) days.
Adafruit Lithium Ion Polymer (Li-Po) Battery List
I couldn't find a Adafruit Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) battery size/capacity/connector/weight list anywhere on the interwebs, so I decided to compile my own! (modern problems require modern solutions 😅)
Booting Linux OSes on the Razer Blade
It is important to know that some quirks and issues may only apply to the Razer Blade 13, or even just my particular model. I may be just throwing things out here, but I truly hope this will help someone wracking their heads over an issue.
Speed Up and Put Old Computers to Good Use
Speeding them up means they can be useful once more. Moreover, with a few changes here and there, you can put an old computer to good use, either simply as a usable desktop or a mean, lean, server machine!
Keyboard HID Usage with USB for a RPi Zero
Few people truly know how their very own keyboard transmits data to their computer. Even fewer know how to utilize it to its full potential.
Amazing Free macOS Apps To Speed Up Any Workflow
Well designed and polished apps are essential for any (and every) workflow. Here is a ever growing list of apps that will exponentially speed up workflows.
3 Ways to Check If An Application Is Apple Silicon or Intel
The main reason is that some applications are built for Apple Silicon, while other applications are built for Intel.
Benefits to Gaming Gear
...gaming mice are probably the most responsive mice you’ll ever try.
Computer Setups
Nobody’s fingerprint is the same, just like someone’s setup.
FPS and Hertz (Refresh Rate)
FPS (frames per second) is how many images the GPU sends to the monitor per second.
Gaming Laptops
Like with every mature market (quote MKBHD), there's a “go to” product.
How to Change the Mouse Acceleration on macOS
defaults read .GlobalPreferences
How to Hack
...use HTTPS to keep yourself safe online.
How to Make a Rosetta 2 Emulated x86 Terminal on ARM Apple Silicon Chips
...there are many applications and use-cases where x86 emulation is the only way to go.
Intel’s Unorthodox Approach at the GPU Market 20 Years After Their First Failed Attempt
Intel is trying to fight back, but in a very unusual way.
macOS Big Sur
If anything, it makes macOS look more user-friendly
My Thoughts on macOS Big Sur, iOS 14 and Apple Silicon
To me, I would say that Apple Silicon was the biggest announcement of WWDC 2020.
My Thoughts on the Apple Silicon M1 Macs
When Apple announced M1, I knew the future had arrived.
Open Media Vault 5 for Raspberry Pi
You have created your own server!
py2app Fixes
The second error I ran into was “file not found”.
Simultaneously Play Out of Multiple Audio Outputs
It can also be used to coordinate between headphones and a speaker.
The Reason Apple's products are so Expensive
There's no need in explaining the fact that Apple's products are so expensive.
Why Apple Silicon Really Matters
I'm not kidding when I say that they are FAST.
Why are mechanical keyboards so sought after?
I would like to recognize what the redeeming qualities of mechanical keyboards really are.
Why Razer has a such a large “Cult Following” - From My Perspective
If you are a gamer, I'm sure you've heard of Razer.
Why USB-C is just plain better.
“Why in the world is there a NEW port?” I wondered.
Xbox E100 Error (Startup Error)
The drive cables are damaged or not connected