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Silver Car
sci-fi vibes
Silver Car with Black Background
the chill, retro mood is kicking in
Winter Camo Car
a demo of a winter camo texture
A car with dirty winter camo paint
Byran Phone MK II
a mockup phone commercial
(please ignore the old logo)
the first render i was proud of (Blender Eevee)
An orange sports car resembling a Lambo
orthographic render of my room
A orthographic render of my room
Work In Progress
is it still work in progress?
A image with cones on the ground with text
very low poly SUV
A very low poly suv
Among Us Character
a 3d portrayal of red from Among Us
An Among Us character
Among Us Character
(cut version)
An Among Us character with cut body (as with in the game)
very futuristic monitor
A monitor with a bright yellow background
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