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Amazing Free macOS Apps To Speed Up Any Workflow
Wednesday March 3, 2021

Well designed and polished apps are essential for any (and every) workflow. Here is a ever growing list of apps that will exponentially speed up workflows. All the apps have been tested by me (to various degrees). Enjoy! NOTE: ALL OF THE APPS ARE FREE, WITH SOME OF THEM BEING F.O.S.S. (FREE AND OPEN SOURCE) The open source apps are specified and the specific license (if possible) will be noted Also, the position a given application is on the list is nominal and does not connote any extra usefulness; the positions the apps are on the list are completely random.

1. Rectangle

Rectangle is a beautiful, polished and simple application with a simple purpose: it makes window sizing a LOT easier. It is similar to Windows's snapping feature, where dragging a window to the corner and letting go of the cursor will automagically (intentional misspelling) resize to the gray highlight that will appear. With Rectangle, you can easily have a very clean and organized desktop with a few simple drags.

Free: YES

Open Source: YES (MIT License)