Benefits to Gaming Gear
Sunday, July 19, 2020

Why would one want gaming gear? Well, there are many benefits to gaming gear other than gaming, which is probably what most people buy them for. First of all, they are much more comfortable than normal tech.

Just compare a your office mouse to a well kitted out gaming mouse. To this argument you might pose the following answer: “Well, an ergonomic mouse would do just fine.” To answer that, I would like to go on a tangent. First, gaming mice are probably the most responsive mice you’ll ever try. They also have the best sensors. These two are things that are almost oblivious to ergonomic mice or “office mice”.

I’ll pose another example: say you are buying a keyboard. Buy an office keyboard or a better keyboard? Oh, you just heard your friend say that he just bought a mechanical keyboard and it’s the BEST keyboard he’s ever tried? Well, say no more. For $40, you can get your hands on a very comparable mechanical keyboard. You try it, and it’s not as amazing as your friend said. Then, you try your laptop’s keyboard and you realize that it’s not just the longer travel, it’s the FEEL of the keyboard. There’s no turning back. I know I’m groundlessly saying this, but it’s really worth the more cash. What’s the biggest market for mechanical keyboard? Gaming and programming. Who uses and advocates for mechanical keyboards the most? Gamers. So, who sells them? Gaming gear brands. That basically forces you to buy mechanical keyboards from gaming brands. That doesn’t mean it’s gonna have sharp edges and the absolutely brightest RGB in the world. Buying from a reputable gaming brand can result in a keyboard that you can trust on for years to come.

There are so many things that many people have never tried but gamers use on a regular basis, such as high refresh rate, high resolution mouse sensors and mechanical keyboards. I’ve covered the last 2 already. High refresh rate is something that not many people have tried. Almost all high refresh rate monitors are branded as gaming. I have not tried one, but it sounds promising from literally every single tech enthusiast.

Lastly, and perhaps the thing I value most, is the SOFTWARE. Yes, it might be buggy, yes, it might be low-res. Yes, it may take up resources and RAM that can be used otherwise. However, it’s the ability to do WHATEVER you want with ALL THE EXTRA BUTTONS on the mice and keyboards. Without the software, your gaming mouse is basically just a glorified office mouse. The software is KEY to me. I use it 24/7. Logitech G Hub is very good considering the fact that Logitech doesn’t usually make software. It’s not as feature packed as many others, such as Razer Synapse, but it’s the ability to customize the 11 customizable buttons I have on my mouse. They are so useful if you installed the software, yet so useless if you didn’t. I use macros on my mouse for switching between desktops and tabs, mission control, DPI switching and many more.

Gaming gear is much more than just the RGB and the hype. It’s actually worthwhile if you don’t go for bad/sketchy brands at lower prices.

P.S. Yes it’s expensive, but it probably will outlast your office mouse.