Computer Setups
Saturday, June 26, 2020

Who has the better gaming setup? Who has the most productive setup? Those are questions that have been quarreled about for decades in Reddit and the like. You know, those people flexing their RTX 2080 Ti and the tons of RGB lighting. Nobody’s fingerprint is the same, just like someone’s setup. You might be a gamer and have tons of RGB and a cool gaming chair. Your neighbor, who might be a 3D animator, might have a super high end PC that’s not for gaming and probably a color accurate monitor. Your dog’s friend’s owner might have a 10 year old laptop that probably can’t do anything well today, but he/she insists that it is all he/she will ever need. Setups vary from person to person, and there’s NOTHING to say that your setup is bad. The only thing that is ever bad about one’s setup is if it cannot do what it is meant to do. I think that my setup is a great example of a super unique setup. I have what I call the “dual laptop mac/windows workstation”. Yes, I have 2 laptops that I use with a monitor, but that is taking into account how much better laptops have become now. My Razer Blade Stealth and my MacBook Pro 13 are the perfect combo. One is relatively high performance whilst being a 13 inch laptop, whilst the other one is slower but runs macOS, which I am highly accustomed to. I have a dock configured so that I can hot swap both laptops. All it needs is a USB-C port. That means I can accommodate ANY laptop that has a USB-C port (and 13 inch form factor). This is just me. It does everything I want it to do. Run Windows and macOS natively (yes I can boot-camp in Mac but bluetooth doesn’t work). OK, enough about me.

What do YOU need? What do YOU want to do in your setup? What OS do you want to run?

Using these 3 questions can give you a rough idea of how it should run and look like. My setup values portability, as I can unplug my computer at any time and bring it on the go. Also, the battery acts like a UPS that runs for 8+ hours. Combined that gives my 16 hours of computer use even if my power goes out (there won’t be wifi so there won’t be much point). I think that the performance sacrifices are worth it. You, however, might want a dedicated UPS and a full gaming rig. Your friend might simply want a MacBook for school. It varies from person to person, and it is up to YOU to determine what is best for YOU.

P.S. NOBODY should convince you to change your setup as long as YOU’RE happy with it.