macOS Big Sur
Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Well, it's here. MacOS Big Sur. I've been using the public beta for a couple days, and it's really been an interesting ride. First, I'll go over how I got it, and later will be going into my experiences. There's some really interesting stats that might surprise you.

I was watching TechLinked a couple days ago, and it said that the public betas for iOS 14 and iPadOS were out, so I assumed that the betas for Big Sur would be out as well. I checked on Apple's site, and MAN it's confusing. On Apple's site, it says “Coming Soon”, even though it's already out (it still says “Coming Soon”). I've never done a public beta install, and it was pretty eye opening. I enrolled my Mac, and did all the steps. AND ALL I GOT WAS THE CATALINA 10.15.6 BETA. WHO IN THE WORLD WANTS THAT?!?!?!?! So I looked on Apple forums, and I wasn't the only one. Some said that following Mr. Macintosh's tutorials allowed them to download the Big Sur beta, so I gave it a try. AND IT WORKED! YAY! So I got the “Install macOS Big Sur Beta Application”. I wanted to simply boot it off a USB stick. However, it just wouldn't work. I don't know why, but I really just wanted to try Big Sur for the first time. So, I made another APFS volume on my disk and I installed the beta on the volume. It booted and I was in Big Sur. So, in the end, it took 24h from finding out about the beta to actually seeing it. Yay.

Everything is much more rounded, but it doesn't cut text off or anything. If anything, it makes macOS look more user-friendly and, for the Power-users, doesn't do anything much. I've basically only been using Big Sur for around 3 days, and I've had almost 0 problems. EVERYTHING works. I've tried a couple apps, such as Blender and Cinebench, Discord and Spotify. THEY ALL WORK!

Looks are generally what Apple has been changing this time around. As a consumer, there's nothing much that changed. Finder is still Finder, and Safari is still a good browser. However, under the hood, there has been MASSIVE changes. Here's my stats: my Blender Render took 12 seconds less with Big Sur and in Cinebench, scored 25 points higher with Big Sur. I only tried it once per operating system. There might be some junk in Catalina that I didn't clean out, but I'm not really sure. I did try to keep it the same, however. I quitted all other apps, and made sure that renders were on the same settings. So, I can say with quite a bit of confidence that Big Sur might make your computer run 2-6% faster.

So, that's all I probably will say about Big Sur. It's pretty awesome. Try it out for yourself, maybe.

P.S. Back up your computer, please.